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Catering to the Next Generation

Every parent wants the best for their baby. Although we all wish we had time to cook up gourmet meals for our kids every night, sometimes that’s just not possible. Rather than breaking the seal on an expensive jar of baby food that's packed with preservatives, give your child a little bit of lagniappe instead. Our all natural, farm fresh baby blends are made by parents, for parents.

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we're NOLA born & raised

New Orleans' Favorite Organic Meal Service

Did you know that Little Lagniappe is based in New Orleans? To support our local economy, we source our products as close to home as possible and maintain lasting relationships with the farmers who grow our produce. With so many natural resources to offer, it’s no wonder that the Crescent City is known for its great food! Produced locally, purchased intentionally, and made deliciously — it doesn’t get much better than that.

Building Brains for Our Future Leaders

Helping Littles Reach Their Fullest Potential

Did you know that in the food canning process, intense heat used to eliminate bacteria will also destroy ⅓ to ½ of all vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine, and riboflavin? Preserved foods are significantly less nutrient-dense than fresh produce, and that's not even mentioning the huge amounts of sodium and sugar added for flavor!

Proper nutrition is imperative to early childhood development. Our products are sourced directly from farmers and local markets, made in our kitchen, and then delivered to your doorstep. By cutting out the middleman, we guarantee a farm-fresh, nutrient-dense product that not only supports your child's health, but also strengthens your local community.

Ingredients Directly from the Earth

Farm-to-Table Foods Done Right

Rather than importing bulk quantities of produce from far-off places, everything we serve to you is sourced from right here in Louisiana. We know the names and faces of the farmers who supply our organic produce. By ordering from Little Lagniappe, you’re allowing us to continue bolstering local growers and strengthening our community. But most importantly, we help you to lay the foundation for your littles' healthy futures. It's a foundation that teaches them to appreciate what farmers spend so much time cultivating and to respect what goes into growing their food.

Eco-FriendlyBPA-FreeGMO-FreeNo Chemicals
Eco-Friendly and BPA-Free Packaging

Mother Nature Approved!

We’re innovators in sustainability! Since we’re based in Louisiana, we are intimately familiar with the sensitive nature of our environment. That’s why, to reduce harmful emissions and environmentally-detrimental practices, our foods are packaged in BPA-free, eco-friendly materials. We're helping you AND Mother Nature.

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